Blepharoplasty for Removing Excess Fat & Skin from Eyelids

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Some people may have excess sagging skin around the eyes. Even excess bagginess is seen in lower eyelids of some people. This is due to excess fat depositions and absence of the correct bridge between cheek fat and lower eyelids. Cosmetic surgeons perform eyelid surgery that is clinically known as blepharoplasty to remove excess sagging skin on upper eyelids and to adjust the fat deposits on the lower eyelids to get rid of bagginess of the particular part.

This surgery is usually done for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes sagginess of skin in the upper eyelids causes obstacle in vision for older people. This issue can also be corrected by removing the excess skin. To have other facial issues such as dark circles, wrinkles and cow’s feet this surgery can be performed in combination with laser resurfacing and forehead lifts.

Blepharoplasty surgeon use local anesthesia by injecting pain killer around eyes along with oral sedation. The surgery would take around two hours if both upper and lower eyelid is to be operated.

For upper lids surgeon take smaller incisions along the natural line of the eyelid. Then they separate the skin from fat deposits using tiny surgical tools and remove excess fat and the skin. Later they stitch the incisions with smaller stitches that remain for 3-6 days.

For lower lids surgeons take smaller incisions inside the lids at the bottom of eyes that are not visible. Surgeons use erbium laser to soften the fine lines appearing on lower eyelids. In order to remove excess fat or to adjust the available fat in a bit lower area to reduce bagginess, surgeons take incisions along the eyelash margin. In some cases instead of removing fat they change the placement of fat deposit to reduce pouch like hump below eyes and to gain the proper shape for the bridge between lower eyelids and cheek fat.

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Four Things to Consider Before Cheek Augmentation

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Cheeks – the fleshy area above the mouth, beneath the eyes and to the sides of the nose – play a significant role in the appearance of your face. It speaks a lot about your facial appearance. Makeup artists often use different shading methods such as blush for improving the contour of the cheeks. However, there are many people who are not happy with the appearance of cheeks and look for ways to improve it. If you feel the same then cheek augmentation surgery can enhance the appearance of your cheeks.

Here are four things you should know if you are considering cheek augmentation cosmetic procedure.

Asymmetry is present and might be enhanced

We all have facial asymmetry, which is expected and normal. Some patients might not be aware of their own facial asymmetry until evaluated by a cosmetic surgeon. Consequently, the treatment on one facial side might be slightly different from the other side. For instance, the cosmetic surgeon might inject more filler on one side of the face, or cheek implants might be modified as required.

Downtime is short

Minimizing downtime is important for working people, who want to resume office quickly and avoid appearing as if “procedure was done”. If dermal fillers are used, swelling and bruising will resolve within the first day of the treatment. On the other hand, cheek augmentation surgery patients should anticipate several days prior to be ready to leave home for work and other daily routine tasks.

The cheek region involves the lower eyelid

It is often that the cheek augmentation procedure also addresses the lower eyelid region too. Eyebags and dark circles might be improved with cheek plastic surgery treatments, either surgical or non-surgical. The plastic surgeon might suggest possible options to consider for reducing puffy lower eyelids in addition to smoother cheeks.

Many choices are available to choose from

Unlike facial plastic surgery procedures where surgery is the only option, cheek augmentation has several options, both invasive and non-invasive. While non-invasive cheek augmentation is the popular choice, with results lasting for several months to a year, cosmetic cheek augmentation surgery creates a permanent change to improve cheekbone structure.

Cheek augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in India. The results of this procedure are outstanding provided it is done by an experienced, well-trained, board-certified and qualified plastic surgeon. With medical tourism in India reaching new heights, an increasing number of people visit the country to benefit from cosmetic surgery procedures. The affordable cost in comparison to other western countries along with high-quality care and hygiene make India the most preferred country for plastic surgery procedures.

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Neck Lift Surgery for Removing Fat and Sagging Skin from Lower Face Area

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There might be visible signs of ageing below lower jawline and on neck. These wrinkles and lines produce an older look that is not appreciable. For women over 40, there may be high amount of sagging and inelastic skin on their necks or appearance like a double chin that is caused due to fat deposition on upper portion of neck. To remove all these problems and to have a younger look cosmetic surgeons perform neck lift surgery.

This procedure is clinically known as lower rhytedectomy. This surgery can be performed for relaxation of excess fat and skin that creates jowls in lower face. This can remove excess fat deposits below the chin. This can also remove loose skin on neck and can be useful for muscle banding in the neck that creates abnormal contours. For some patients a full facelift surgery might not be essential as their upper portion of face looks pleasant, however there might be more amount of sagging skin or excessive fat deposit in lower face below chin.

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This surgery can be a good solution if the lower face contours are not in proportion with the upper part of face. This procedure can be performed along with brow lift for better contours around eyes, fat transfer to allow better enhancement of cheeks and lips reducing appearance of wrinkles and eyelid surgery for removal of signs of ageing around eyes.

Neck lift surgery is usually performed administering local or general anesthesia. Surgeons use liposuction process to remove fat deposits and some other surgical methods to lift the muscle structure in the lower face area for better aesthetic appearance. The choice of procedure adapted depends upon the amount of fat to be removed and sagging excessive skin to be removed. Surgeons take small incisions to ensure that scars are covered under natural contours of face.

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Neck lift surgery cost varies according to amount of fats to be removed, amount of inelastic skin, experience of surgeon, procedure adapted for surgery, type of anesthesia used and location of clinic where the surgery is performed.

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Customized Treatments for Men at KAS Medical Center

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KAS Medical Center is dedicating the month of June to the men in your life. Today in the workforce, men are in a very stressful environment with competitive jobs, long hours and the pressure to stay ahead of the company rival. After all this, you have to look your best. Most men are going to parlors suggested by women, wives, girlfriends or sisters, without realizing that there needs are different. Men and women differ in their skin type and texture, fat distribution, muscle mass, grooming requirements and aesthetic appeal. This requires treatments for men and women to be different. At Center, we recognize this and have put together a program just for men. We have seen an increase in the number of men coming to Center to look their best. Whether you are 50 or 25, MedSpa helps you to look and feel your best, to stay ahead of the competition and feel confident.

KAS Medical Center for Men is a new program designed especially for men, young and old offering customized treatments in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic skin care and fitness. Cosmetic Skin Care offer treatments for the skin including skin resurfacing, acne control, scar removal, pigmentation problems, facial fillers and wrinkle removal. Cosmetic Surgery ( offers liposculpture to help sculpt your abs to give you the six-pack you have desired, liposuction to remove unwanted fat, facelift and blepharoplasty helps to erase the years, while chin implant and cheek implants help to chisel the face. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can help to bring your face into balance and increase confidence.

MedSpa for Men offers specific hair solutions for men.MedSpa’s Optimum Hair Transplant (OHT) technique, which helps to maximize the number of hair grafts and gives the most natural look and saves grafts for future harvesting if required. Future harvesting may be required if someone is between 20 to 40 years old getting a transplant procedure. Usually, after 40 years is when our genetics takes over and hair loss increases. You would need to make sure that the donor area from where the previous hair transplant received hair grafts is not damaged.   Hair removal, both permanent or temporary is available. Hair removal of the body is done, as well as, facial beard sculpting, so that the beard growth area is clean and well groomed. A man helps you to look good and feel healthy and be confident. KAS Medical Center has some special offers for men this month. Call for a complementary Center ( for Men consultation at 9958221981/82/83 or 9818369662. Email us for more information at

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Top 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery for Men

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Our society places a high value on looking young and fit. Today, men of all ages and all walks of life are requesting plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. Men’s goals may include a more balanced nose, a rejuvenated face, a trimmer waistline.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Proportionality is everything. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose or how it blends with the rest of your face, then request a plastic surgeon to perform a facial analysis of you. If the nose seems big, maybe the lower face is out of place, such as a small lower jaw or chin. Often times, I will perform a chin augmentation with a rhinoplasty to provide a harmonious facial appearance. Nose surgery requires finesse and a keen understanding of the anatomy of the many sub-units of the nose. The key is to provide shape without feminizing the male nose. The patients get back to their normal work within 1 week.

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Liposuction successfully removes stubborn fat deposits, targeting specific areas of the body to remove fat. Common target areas include thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck and under the chin. Liposuction slims and reshapes resulting in improved body contours. Dr. Kashyap uses the safest and unique technology for Liposuction in Delhi. His 26 years of experience and qualifications being a double American Board certified plastic surgeon allows him to deliver the Delhi. It’s a safe surgery that is easily recovered from. Normally, patients can return to work in a 2-4 days. Final results take between six weeks and two months to observe the full effect of the reshaping.

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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Men who have excessive male breasts know the embarrassment and emotional stress the condition brings along. However, you have do not have to live with female-like breasts. Male breast reduction surgery helps you discover an all new you.

If you have excess fat and skin of the breast, which can also affect the size and shape of the nipple-areolar complex, this can project a very feminizing effect of the male chest. In my experience, I have been very happy with the results of a combination VASER liposuction (ultrasound assisted liposuction) with direct excision of any sub-areolar glandular elements with or without areolar reduction to achieve a masculine chest. This can be a very disturbing condition for a man of any age, particularly in the teenage years.  The patients get back to their normal work within 1 week following the gynecomastia surgery while vigorous exercise is to be avoided for at least 3 weeks.

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The facelift or Rhytidectomy reduces the signs of aging in the neck and facial area, and is a popular cosmetic procedure for men. For men who have sagging facial skin, loose facial skin, or deep creases around the facial features, a rhytidectomy may be used to diminish these signs of aging. During a facelift, a plastic surgeon makes an incision that typically starts at the temples, goes around the ears, and stops at the lower scalp. Once the surgeon has made the incision, the facial skin is pulled back and the surgeon may reposition facial fat deposits and other tissues. Lastly the skin is redraped, pulled taught, trimmed, and sewn back up.

A rhytidectomy, also commonly known as a facelift, helps to lift, tighten and restore the youthful appearance. Results last for as long as ten years or more. The patients get back to their normal work within 1 week

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Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic surgery for men. Blepharoplasty aims to remove the signs of aging that collect around the eyes in the form of wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness, and droopy or sagging eyelids. During male eyelid surgery, a plastic surgeon makes small incisions in the crease of the eyelid to remove excess fat or skin tissue.

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