Breast Lift Surgery in Delhi – Four Reasons Why Women Consider Breast Surgery


When it comes to breast surgery, all that comes to your mind is women having large breasts undergoing surgery for reducing the size. However, it is much more than that and there are several reasons, both medical and otherwise, a woman might decide to undergo this surgery. Given below are a few reasons why a woman can opt for breast surgery in Delhi.

Tuberous breasts

It is a congenital abnormality wherein breasts do not develop fully and normally. There are many women who suffer from this condition. The fold is too high with small areola for folding a distance, and this is common. It could be a major asymmetry of shape and size which needs both mastopexy and implant. Such patients are usually aware of their condition. However, there are many women who do not even have an idea that they are living with a congenital condition. Even if women feel they have abnormal breasts, lack of support from family discourages them to undergo treatment.

Uneven breasts

It is only in some cases that patients approach surgeon complaining of uneven breasts after breastfeeding. They might have asymmetry, however usually it is reduced size and sagging which worries them. This is yet again common, and many patients complain of similar condition. Patients want to get rid of sagging and restore fullness. Breast surgeon often suggests implant for reshaping and lifting sagging breast tissues, removing excess deposits of skin and repositioning areola.

Inverted nipple

It is yet another common reason to consult breast lift surgeon in Delhi. Most patients who consult surgeon for inverted nipple are already aware about their condition. They have read about it before consulting doctor. They are aware of grades of inversion along with basic idea of the problems and methods for correcting it. What worries most patients is ability to breastfeed. In some cases, inversion is so severe that patients cannot breastfeed. Cosmetologist will recooked the surgery after examining a patient.

Size issues

It is often that we associate breast surgery with smaller or larger cups.  This is a personal choice, and varies from person to person. While some women want to have large breasts, others aim for size reduction.  However, in the recent years, trend is to restore fullness. Women who have smaller breasts desire to large and enhanced breasts.

These are just a few of many reasons why women prefer to opt for breast surgery. If you are considering undergoing knife for improving breast shape and size then schedule an appointment with a breast surgeon.  You can know about best breast lift surgery cost in Delhi only after consulting a surgeon. Usually cost varies from patient to patient and type of treatment needed

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